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Meet your new sidekick. RoboSwap let's you ape in with powerful tradebots to invest in the wild world of DeFi.

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Because crypto doesn't sleep. Our bots trade 24/7.

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We've got all kinds of bots for whatever is your investing style. Social trading, stablecoin staking, portfolio investing, high frequency scalping, and more.

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Our bots work together. You can hire with a portfolio bot to help you select your investments, and a market cycle trader to ride those waves for you.

Build your own Bots

We provide a full suite of tools for robot creators and developers to build and deploy powerful trading algorithms, and offer them to the market.

The Roadmap

Q1 2022

Private Alpha
Grow our Community

Q2 2022

Public Beta Launch
Achieve Key Capitalization Targets

Q3 2022

Public Launch
Incubator Program Launch

Q4 2022

Deploy Autobot Framework


We have a lot of happy users.

"I STRONGLY recommend EVERYONE who is new to DeFi to start here."

Gary Vaynerchuk

"It's incredible how simple it was to invest in a bot! And the social features are awesome for transparency."

William Idrissi

"Very easy to use. And I love the incentive model. Free to use, and bot creators just take a share of the gains. This is exactly how it should be!"

Rashad West

"I love it. Man, the bot composability is getting better and better as I learn more about it."

Adrian McCoy

"As a bot creator we just integrated the SDK and deployed to their cloud hosting; we got $100k AUM in the first 3 weeks!"

Roger Benites

"OMG it's so fun and easy to deposit into the bots haha and it was really cool to engage with some bot creators on Discord and Telegram."

Brooklyn Simmons

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